4 Watches That Make a Timeless Graduation Gift

May 09, 2018

There’s something symbolic about giving a gift that honors the passing of time, especially to commemorate one of life’s great milestones: graduation. Whether the young scholar is finally making it through the awkward teenage years and heading toward a new adventure in college or the workforce, or earning a degree after four (or more) long years at a university and starting a career — graduation is a celebratory time, and it deserves a gift worthy of the occasion.

Giving a timepiece to a new grad is traditional for a reason, as it’s both sentimental and practical. It’s a reminder of timeliness and professionalism; it’s downright useful; and it also serves as a quiet reminder of all the hours spent studying, learning and growing. Maybe it will inspire reflection on the last four years, or maybe it will help get the graduate to his or her first job on time. Either way, they’ll look at their watch and think of you — and that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Hook+Gaff graduation watches make the ideal gift for a lot of reasons, but most notably for their durability and versatility. A Hook+Gaff watch seamlessly fits in on the boat or in the boardroom — perfect for the avid angler, business professional or active outdoorsperson. They are strong enough to endure flag football games in college and stylish enough to impress during a first internship. These watches stand up to a lifestyle that’s rugged yet refined — find the perfect match for your graduate today!


Hook+Gaff Sportfisher Black

graduation watches - sportfisher black watch

Designed for the ultimate sportsman, this is Hook+Gaff’s first model to utilize 24-hour illumination tritium technology. The dial’s hour markers are constantly illuminated — ideal for early mornings on the creek or late nights walking back from the library. Beyond being a performance-driven timepiece, its black-on-black design makes it a real luxury-wear showstopper. This watch can handle whatever you throw its way, and it’ll look good doing it.


Hook+Gaff Sportfisher II Moonphase

graduation watches - sportfisher 2 moonphase watches

Whether your grad is a surfer or angler who heavily depends on the tides, or someone who likes the idea of being led by the stars, the Sportfisher II Moonphase watch delivers. This timepiece features custom Swiss quartz movement and, like all Hook+Gaff watches, the unique left-side crown placement helps avoid wrist irritation during activities. In addition to being water- and corrosion-resistant, this timepiece offers the extra benefits of a moonphase watch. Because who couldn’t use a little extra guidance in college?


Hook+Gaff Golf Watch

golf watch

For those who see golf less as a hobby and more as an obsession, the new Hook+Gaff Golf Watch is the perfect fit. Success in golf requires confidence, skill and grit — characteristics also found in our watch-making process. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our new Golf sport watches are able to play through the toughest conditions. With a custom 41mm solid high-grade titanium screw-down case and left-side crown placement, these watches have a classic aesthetic and are specifically designed to wear on the course.


Hook+Gaff Fleetmaster

graduation watches - fleetmaster

For a graduation gift that will stand the test of time, consider Hook+Gaff’s flagship automatic mechanical watch — the Fleetmaster. Featuring customized and highly coveted Swiss ETA 2836 automatic mechanical movement and a GMT function, this watch knocks functional luxury out of the park. With a 316-L surgical stainless steel case and bracelet with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, this timepiece offers a timeless, sleek aesthetic that conveys a young person ready to take on the world. As practical as it is beautiful, the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters. 


The abovementioned timepieces are just a sampling of all that Hook+Gaff has available — there are a number of additional watch styles to choose from. All of the watches come with a wide variety of strap options, from multi-colored rubber dive bands to hand-stitched leather. Find the watch/strap combo that perfectly suits your graduating senior here.

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