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We designed the King Tide specifically for the coastal angler. Unlike digital tide watches with limited pre-programmed locations, our analog tide function allows you to set the indicator to the tide cycle in your location. For those of us whose day is dictated by ebb and flow, this feature is a game changer.

The King Tide also utilizes H3 technology, like our Sportfisher Black. This watch uses trigalight® glass tubes manufactured by mb-microtec in Switzerland (and has the dial marking to prove it). It’s a sophisticated technology that creates 24-hour illumination of the dial's hour markers and hands — perfect for the angler who rises before the sun and who doesn't stop after it goes down! This durable sport watch is not only a necessity for the inshore angler, but a classic piece suited for any occasion.

Features at a glance:

  • Analog tide function allows you to set the indicator to the tide cycle in your location
  • Custom 41mm titanium screw-down case
  • Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Hour markers and hands utilize tritium tubes, 24-hour perpetual glow mb-microtec technology
  • Water-tight to 200m/660 ft.
  • ISA quartz movement
  • Left-side crown orientation for supreme comfort in an active lifestyle


The tide cycles in our Gulf Coast region are diurnal tide cycles, meaning there is only one high and one low during a full cycle. Gulf Coast tides also vary greatly in time duration between highs and lows among different locations. Our King Tide watch is set up for semi-diurnal tide cycles that occur on our east and west coasts. This means that our tide indicator makes two revolutions around the dial during a cycle.  

If you are trying to set the tide indicator for the Gulf Coast region, please note that the indicator on your watch makes two revolutions around the dial during a cycle instead of one as is the actual tide cycle in the Gulf.

      H₃ Illumination Technology

      Comfortable Crown Placement

      How Do I Set the King Tide Watch?


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