Carter Andrews Professional Angler and Host of The Obsession of Carter Andrews

Carter Andrews perfectly embodies the saying, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Nearly every day of the year he is on a fishing adventure somewhere in the world. Over the years, Andrews has developed into one of the most complete anglers. He has been a member of the US Fly Fishing Team yet now serves as the Director of Fishing for Islas Secas Resort in Panama.

On his Outdoor Channel series, aptly called ‘The Obsession of Carter Andrews,’ he takes viewers along for the ride as he chases after elusive species in beautiful and exotic locales. In the span of a few weeks, he might experience more variety than some anglers will in their entire lives – Jackson Hole for giant lake trout, the Florida coast for the mullet run, Costa Rica or deep in the Russian wilderness. As driven as he is, Andrews enjoys sharing his obsession with other guides, friends and family.

In the rare moments when he’s not knee-deep in a stream or on the bow of a boat, Andrews enjoys relaxing with his wife Heidi and daughters Payton and Haley, at their home in Florida.


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