Do Hook+Gaff watches fit all wrist sizes?

Yes. All Hook + Gaff straps have a clasp that will allow you to loosen or tighten the strap if needed. You can see specific videos for the Rubber Dive Strap and Woven G10 Strap below.

What is a GMT?

A GMT is a way to set up to three additional time zones. With our watches, you can basically do that. The GMT hand is this small red hour hand, which allows you to set a second time zone by the 24-hour ring that is on the inner portion of the dial. Additionally, you can set another time zone using the bezel. Why would a person want to do this? The GMT function could be helpful if you are a pilot, a fisherman who is fishing tournaments all over the world, or if you are just a traveler who needs to set the local time and know what the time is back home.

Are Hook+Gaff watches water tight?

We are going to explain the function of the screw down crown.   What we have seen is that when someone gets their watch for the first time they will unscrew the crown on the watch to set the time and date. After they set the time and date, they just push it in. They are using a push in crown.

A Hook + Gaff watch uses a screw down crown.   What you have to do is apply a little bit of force and screw the crown, get it to take the threads, and screw it down tightly against the case. A screw down crown ensures you have all the confidence in the world that your watch is watertight.

How do I wind the Fleetmaster?

The Fleetmaster is our luxury Swiss mechanical watch. It has automatic movement, which means that it winds by the movement of your wrist, but also has a manual line function on it. It also has GMT function. Watch the video below to learn more.

How do I size the rubber dive strap?

To change the size of your Rubber Dive Strap yourself, you are going to need your spring pin tool and a pair of scissors.

The first thing you are going to do is take a look at the strap. Notice that it is sectioned off. This process would be similar to taking links out of a stainless bracelet watch but instead of unscrewing links, we are actually going to cut sections out of the strap.

Go one side at a time. Using the spring pin tool, you are going to push down on the spring pin in the clasp. That pops off one side and you will notice there are several sections on your strap. Do one section at a time because you do not want to cut the strap too short.

Line up your scissors two millimeters on one side of the filler bar and cut off that section. Next, take your spring pin and push out the filler bar, put the spring pin in, and attach the clasp.

You will notice there are three settings on the side of the clasp. This allows you to tighten the strap or loosen it as needed. If it is not enough, you can cut the strap down a little further on each side.

How do I set the time and date?

Find the screw-down crown. You will notice it is our uniquely left-sided screw-down crown for comfort.

Position 1: Unscrew the crown to position one. You will feel a slight click when it gets to position one, and you will notice that nothing can happen there in position one.

Position 2: Gently pull the crown into position 2. In this position you can actually set the date.

Position 3: You can pull it out gently one more time to position three. In this position, you can go clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time.

Push the crown in and apply a little bit of force to screw it down at the same time. Make sure to push it in all the way until it’s tight against the case – this will ensure water resistance up to 200 meters.

How do I set the moon phase?

Look online or in the newspaper to find out what the current phase of the moon is. What you are looking for is the current position. We are going to match that position with the mechanism on your Sportfisher II MP watch.

The moon on your watch moves from right to left across the dial, and it will read full right in the center. Once you have found out the current position of the moon, unscrew the crown. Pull the crown out all the way to position three where you set the time. In this position you are also going be able to set the moon.

Move the screw forward 24 hours in time. As you approach the midnight hour, you will actually see the moon click over one position, and you'll hear the click, too.

Caution: Moving the screw backwards to try and set the moon will actually damage the movement. If you have to catch it up 10 or 12 positions, it may take you a few minutes.

When you have set the watch to the correct moon phase, you are going to apply a bit of force and screw the crown down at the same time until it is tight against the case. This will ensure water-resistance for your watch.

Want to read more about moonphase watches? Check out our blog post here. Click here to shop our moonphase watches.

How do I change the woven G10 strap?

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