Automatic Collection

The Pilar Edition of The Captain pays tribute to Ernest Hemingway's famous fishing vessel.  Hemingway acquired the 38ft boat in 1934 and fished frequently in the waters off Key West targeting marlin and big game species. It's only fitting that this watch comes standard with a vintage-style stainless mesh dive strap reminiscent of those often worn by captains in his time.  The crystal blue dial in our sun ray pattern will have you thinking about the tropical waters of the Keys every time you strap it on.

The Hunley Edition of The Captain pays homage to the first successful combat submarine, lost at sea for over 100 years, but recovered successfully in 2000 just 4 miles off the coast of Charleston in our home state of South Carolina.  The "Charleston green" dial in a sun ray pattern is everything you'd expect in a watch dedicated to our favorite city.