It’s time for a more innovative business model

At its core, our vision for Hook+Gaff Watch Company is to provide high-quality, performance-proven watches that can endure any outdoor pursuit.

And we found a better way to bring our customers the best.

So we ran with it.


Our watches are now exclusively sold online.

While traditional retail stores provide a valuable service to many businesses, they require a “retail markup” that can significantly increase the price you pay. As a result, some companies sacrifice quality in order to make their “margin” without seeming overpriced.

We just can’t feel good about doing that to you. So we’re not.


Truth is timeless.

So here’s ours: By cutting out the retail markup, we can provide the highest-quality design, material and technology we always have — but at a better price for you.


And, after all, you are our top priority.

Not only does our direct-to-consumer business model mean you get to enjoy better prices, but it also means you have a direct line to us. And we want to hear from you!

Not sure if you’re screwing down that crown correctly? Happy to help.

Can’t decide between a leather and rubber strap? We can point you in the right direction.


Exceptional customer service is deeply important to us and something we take pride in — and we’re not exaggerating by saying we take every phone call, email and review personally and with our full attention.



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