2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Find a Gift Perfectly Suited to Dad’s Personality

From offering endless piggyback rides to patiently teaching us to bait a hook, there’s no one in the world quite like Dad. Fathers usually wear many hats, making them the best homework helpers, grass-mowers and life coaches. This coming June 16, treat your dad, husband or father figure to something he can enjoy year in and year out — no matter what he puts it through. Hook+Gaff watches offer a classic aesthetic that will impress at the office or out in town, and a rugged durability that can withstand even the rockiest weather out on the boat.

Not sure which watch is perfect for your dad? Hook+Gaff offers a wide array of watches with various features, watch faces and strap colors — that way you can choose one that perfectly suits your dad’s personality and needs. Check out the gift guide below, and find a Father’s Day present as reliable as Dad.

For the dapper dad

Sportfisher II Moonphase with leather strap

sportfisher ii mp leather strap

If your dad is the guy who always looks pulled together — even when he’s coming off a long day on the water — he needs the Sportfisher II Moonphase watch. It offers timeless style and high-powered functionality, making it the perfect accessory for the well-dressed and active outdoorsman. The Moonphase feature accurately indicates the current phase of the moon, and it makes for a great conversation starter.


For the golf-loving dad

Hook+Gaff Golf Watch

hook and gaff golf watch

Does Dad see golf as less of a hobby and more of an obsession? Fuel his passion for the game with a golf watch intended to be worn on the course. The Hook+Gaff Golf Watch’s unique left-side crown placement keeps Dad’s wrist from getting irritated while he swings, while the specialized golf logo keeps him looking sharp while he does. And, its water-resistance means he’s safe to go get that club he threw into the water hazard. With clean lines and a classic look, this timepiece seamlessly transitions from the fairways to the clubhouse.


For the inshore angler dad

King Tide Watch

king tide watch for angler

Does your dad let the tide guide his day? Unlike digital tide watches with limited pre-programmed locations, our analog tide function allows Dad to set the indicator to the tide cycle in his specific location. 

If your dad is no stranger to pre-dawn trolling and doesn’t let the sun tell him when it’s time to come in off the water, then the Hook+Gaff King Tide is tailor-made for him. The 24-hour H3 technology continuously illuminates the dial’s hour markers and hands — perfect for early mornings or late evenings on the water. The King Tide features a custom Swiss quartz movement, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a custom 41 mm black PVD-coated titanium screw-down case. This durable sport watch is not only a necessity for the inshore angler, but a classic piece suited for any occasion.


For the military dad

Sportfisher Black, Green Strap

sportfisher black green strap

Any military man will appreciate the practical functionality and long-lasting durability of the Sportfisher Black. Of course, the illumination technology and visibility of the watch hands in the pitch-black means that those 4 a.m. wake-ups won’t be a hindrance. And, with many watch/strap combos available, your target price point may help you choose the right option for Dad. The Sportfisher II Classic starts at $350, the Sportfisher II Moonphase starts at $375, and the Sportfisher Black can be yours for $475. Thanks to our newly updated business model, we can now deliver the highest-quality watches at a price point that’s better than ever.


For the hunting dad

Sportfisher Black, Camo Strap

black watch with green camo dive strap

Get Dad a highly functional watch with a strap that won’t give away his position in flooded timber or in a deer stand. The camo strap is one of many watch straps available to fit a Hook+Gaff watch, and it’s tastefully designed on a rubber dive strap that won’t mind a little water and mud.


For the football fanatic dad

Sportfisher II Classic, Blue Dial

sportfisher ii classic blue dial

Hook+Gaff watches can be customized for die-hard football fans, and the Sportfisher II Classic, Blue Dial watch is a great place to start. Explore a variety of strap and watch face combinations that are ready to help Dad show off his team spirit. Got a Gamecock in the house? Check out the black or garnet strap for the University of South Carolina fans. Or, does Dad prefer to accessorize in orange and purple? Either way, these straps have you covered.

There are also shades of blue for Duke University and the University of North Carolina, as well as a bright red for the Georgia Bulldogs. Mix and match strap combos with 3 different dials to find the perfect pick for Dad!


For the dad who has everything

Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for, because they tend to buy themselves whatever it is they really need. But this year, give him something that will always remind him of you. If he already has a Hook+Gaff timepiece, consider adding a new strap to his collection. Or, check out our selection of hoodies, hats, shirts and visors to keep Dad looking fresh all year long. And, you can always opt for a gift card and let the ol’ man pick out something for himself!

To all the hardworking dads out there in the Hook+Gaff community, we extend sincere wishes for a very happy Father’s Day! Whether you’re still figuring out what to do with diaper cream or preparing to send your senior off to college, raising a kid is no small feat. Here’s to you!

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