How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Hook + Gaff Watch

Hook+Gaff watches have earned a reputation for their high-level durability in rough outdoor conditions. Our watches are built with purpose for those who are frequently heading out before dawn, regularly withstanding salty, wet excursions, and constantly claiming that they only need “one more last cast.”

Every Hook+Gaff watch is designed and assembled with the utmost care and precision. They are tough yet sleek, and you can help your watch last even longer by giving it a little TLC every now and then. Follow these procedures and precautions for proper care of your watch to ensure added longevity and optimal performance:


How to Clean Your Watch

Regularly cleaning your watch not only improves its look but can also help maintain its function. Here are some important steps to take when cleaning your watch:

Step 1: Wash your hands to remove excess dirt and oil.

Step 2: Ensure that the crown is screwed down tightly against the case to seal the interior. (Don’t skip this step — as always, the crown being screwed down properly is essential in keeping Hook+Gaff watches watertight.)

Step 3: In a small bowl, mix together lukewarm water and an ammonia-free mild soap to create a cleaning solution.

Step 4: With your hands, gently apply this soapy mixture to the exterior of the watch (versus dunking the watch entirely into the bowl). 

Step 5: Using an old, soft toothbrush or similar soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the watch in small, slow circles to clean it. Be careful not to press down or scrub too vigorously — you’re simply loosening the dirt and grime that can accumulate on your watch face.

Step 6: Use fresh, lukewarm water to wash away dirt and soap.

Step 7: Dry your watch using a soft cotton cloth.


Should I Polish My Watch?

A heads-up here — you shouldn’t attempt to polish your watch with any sort of solution. Only a certified professional should do this.


What Should I Do If There’s Water in My Watch?

If there is any indication of moisture under the glass of your watch face, the watch should be sent back for repair immediately.


How Often Should I Clean My Watch?

Proper care and maintenance should be taken to ensure your Hook+Gaff watch remains water-resistant. If you regularly subject the watch to salt water or are often actively sweating while wearing the watch, the watch should be professionally checked for water resistance every year.


Why Is Checking My Watch’s Water Resistance Important?

Hook+Gaff watches are made to withstand the elements, and so while the outside of the case and glass may be in excellent condition, the only thing protecting the inside of the watch from the elements are small gaskets or O-rings. One rubber gasket forms the seal around the stem of the crown, and others are located within the case. Over time, especially when subjected to the elements and temperature changes, these gaskets can dry out and lose elasticity and the ability to form a proper seal.



When Should I Not Wear My Watch?

  • Avoid extreme heat or cold. Also, we strongly advise against wearing your watch in a hot tub, Jacuzzi or sauna. The rapid, drastic temperature changes can affect the sealing capabilities of the gaskets in any watch, even one with a high water-resistance rating like your Hook+Gaff watch. The heat can cause a deformation of certain interior materials and can lead to mechanical failure.
  • Avoid strong electric or magnetic fields.


How Long Should My Battery Life Last?

Hook+Gaff watches equipped with a quartz movement are powered by a battery. These batteries typically last 2-3 years or longer. When the time comes to replace a battery, a watch professional should perform the task to ensure proper sealing of the gaskets (so your watch can remain watertight!).


How Should I Clean My Watch Strap?

For your leather strap, you have to be especially mindful about its exposure to moisture as you clean it. For a comprehensive guide to cleaning your leather watch strap, check out our full blog post.


Whether you’re on the golf course, in a duck blind, out on the open water or walking someone down the aisle, Hook+Gaff has you covered. And with the right care, your Hook+Gaff watch will be with you for a lifetime of adventures.

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