Our Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas!

The holiday season is in full swing!  Some of you took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and probably made a significant dent in your Christmas shopping already, but if you're anything like us, you're still busy with business, family, kids, sports, and everything else as this year comes to a close.  If you are still in need of some great gift ideas, check out these recommendations from our founders Michael Sims and Gash Clayton.

"I consistently wear the white dial Sportfisher with a gray camo dive strap, but I'm telling you, my new go-to and everyday watch once golf season comes back around is going to be the brand new green dial Golf Watch.  This watch is awesome!  I'll be ready for a Sunday Masters party with the neighbors.  I can also pair this with a red strap for the perfect holiday party watch. My wife Britt and Gash's wife Jessica both love the new self-winding automatic watch, The Captain. This watch is gorgeous, a very nice auto in a smaller 38mm profile, and it compliments nicely men and women dressing in business attire or going out to dinner. Our wives are both savvy businesswomen and they love this watch and wear it daily. Lastly, my new favorite shirt is the ocean camo Free Fly hoodie.  We partnered with Free Fly recently to print a few different Hook + Gaff logo long sleeves, and I wear this buttery-soft hoodie all the time (too much according to Britt).  I love it!  By far the best long sleeve shirt I've ever worn. It can be found under "performance" on the website. Merry Christmas everyone!"

Michael Sims

"Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  If you traveled like we did, and if you own a couple of our watches, you may want to check out our brand new leather travel case designed and hand-stitched by our friends at Satchel out of Savannah.  These come in handy, and we have not been able to keep them in stock.  They'll be available again the first week of December but they will go fast!  As for watches, I've been loving the new all black Field Watch. I paired it with an orange strap for college games and Halloween.  It's perfect for hunting with the PVD-coated casing, as opposed to the shinier stainless case of the traditional Field Watches we rolled out a few years ago.  Check these out.  I think you'll like them.  I also wanted to mention our hats.  We have a high-crown trucker in a navy, a bluish-gray, and a camo.  These are sturdy and well-made hats made by the same factory that makes Patagonia's hats, so you can expect that same quality.  They're quite good and this is my everyday hat.  Lastly, my wife Jessica wanted me to also mention the Free Fly shirts (she loves the heather ocean mist and wears it the most).  Check these out!  And merry Christmas to you and your family!"

Gash Clayton

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