Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is in full swing!  Some of you took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and probably made a significant dent in your Christmas shopping already, but if you're anything like us, you are still very busy with business, kids, family, sports and everything else as the year comes to a close.  Some of you may still need some solid gift ideas and we're here to assist!  Check out some of these top picks from Michael, Gash, and Meghan.
Michael's Picks 
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!  I have a few ideas for you, whether you're looking to up the ante with a newer watch or just stock up on gear and accessories.  Of course I love all our watches, but I have two that are my go-to watches for daily and evening wear.  I love the simplicity of a time/date, and the Sportfisher in the white dial is my daily watch. 
I can pair it with any strap, but quite honestly I wear it with various dive straps 95% of the time.  For the activities I do--golf, fly fishing in the river, quail hunting this time of year--the dive straps just suit my needs.  They're waterproof, which means I don't have to worry when I jump in the river, and it's the most comfortable and easy to clean strap for those hot summer days on the golf course or on the boat. 
Lately, if I'm headed out to a nice restaurant I gravitate towards The Captain. I've been wearing "The Hunley" version in the "Charleston green" dial color.  Being from SC we have such an affinity and love for the lowcountry, and as a history buff I just have such an appreciation for the stuff we've been able to recover from centuries past. My business partner Gash did a heck of a job designing this one. 
Lastly, stock up on some of our gear.  We have new duck patch hats in stock--perfect for you guys who have already been in the blind this season! 
Gash's Picks
Gash Clayton here, company CoFounder and designer for pretty much everything we do.  It's hard for me to pick just one watch because I truly do love all our designs and models, but for me it's probably always going to be the newest or latest of my designs.  Right now we are pre-selling the newest Field Watch which comes in a black PVD-coated casing.  We assembled a few prototypes and I've been wearing the heck out of these.  Personally, I love the olive dial on that black casing.  It pairs perfectly with the olive dive strap or camo dive strap.  This one is going to be popular. 
But looking at sales online we've also been pre-selling quite a few of the black dial watches with black dive straps, and it's the same with the white dial.  It's hard to beat the simplicity of all black or the contrast of black and white.
Lastly, check out our heathered tees.  We went with simple designs on these, taking our brown trout design and our sailfish design and putting these on a soft blended t-shirt. They're super comfortable.  Thank y'all for your support! 
Meghan's Picks
Happy holidays everyone!  Meghan Scoggins here, director of Brand Development for H+G.  I have several great ideas for you!  Obviously as a female I'm going to love to accessorize and switch things up frequently.  It's hard to list my favorites but I'll tell you up front, I have a smaller wrist but I wear both the women's and the men's watches comfortably. I love both the mother-of-pearl dials and plain white dials in the women's Sportfisher 3 on just about any strap. 
You'll also see me wear the men's King Tide.  I live on the creek in Savannah and my husband and I are frequently on the water.  This one just fits our lifestyle and what we like to do, and I love talking to folks about the watch and about the brand when they ask about what's on my wrist! 
Lastly, check out our hoodies for this colder weather.  Many folks have commented that these are the most comfortable hoodies they've ever worn.  They are not overly heavyweight--more of a mid-weight hoodie, and they have a bit of stretch to them as they are not 100% cotton.  I love lounging in this one! 
Thank you all!  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family, and happy shopping!

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