Epic trip to the Keys

Epic trip to the Keys

The trip happened during prime tarpon season.  We hauled 2 hells bay flats boats from Charleston all the way to Cudjoe key.  We camped on the beach on Amelia island the first night.   The second night we stayed in a hotel on south beach.  (Good luck to anyone trying to park a truck and boat anywhere on south beach) On our 3rd day made it to our house in the keys.  It was a great week but very humbling. 


We hooked tarpon all week long.  Lost a few instantly.  Jumped a few. But unfortunately did not boat any.  We fished for jacks, Spanish mackerels, barracuda, and primarily tarpon.  Drank a ton of beer and all in all had a great week doing what we love.  The guys had on sportfisher and king tide watches. 


We slept inside, outside, boated through storms and the hottest days of the year.  The watches performed great and proved time and time again how durable they are and why we like wearing them so much.  Its never fun leaving a place like the keys but we look forward to heading back down next tarpon season and playing again! 

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