I just wanted to take a moment to give you some initial feedback from my first outing with my new watch. We had a great trip to Murray yesterday. We caught over 30 fish with 10 keepers from 7-15 lbs. The watch did great the elements it handled all of the herring scales, fish slime, and numerous times submerged in the water releasing short fish. The best part was the dive strap, everything that was on it from cleaning these fish washed right off and didn't leave any odors behind. I look forward to many years of fishing with my watch and sending plenty more pictures to you. Do you have any shirts available to purchase with logo on it? I would love to be able to help promote your product and continue to show off my great watch to others. I had a friend of my dad's on the boat yesterday that loved the watch and was very envious of it. I gave him the website to go check them out. Once again thanks for this opportunity to promote your passion while I get to enjoy my passion.