Words can’t even describe the day we had (thus the pics below)....

Anyway, it was so kind of you to spend so much of your time (on a Friday afternoon) on the phone with me explaining the the watch, letting me bounce fishing ideas off of you and even giving me fishing guide names (which btw were SPOT ON!). I couldn’t wait to tell my husband all about it (of course after he opened his gift).

I waited to open the box you shipped the watch in, I just wrapped the box when it arrived and gave it to Patrick for his b-day....AMAZING, doesn’t begin to describe how awesome of a gift it was. Obviously the watch was gorgeous and he super excited about all the bands! Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the extra goodies! What a fun surprise and they just pushed the gift over the edge ?? Stickers, hats, all sorts of goodies...SOOOOO Cool ??

He obviously LOVED the watch and hasn’t taken it off since he put it on. He’s pretty superstitious so I’m pretty sure he’s going to wear that watch every time he fishes, he just missed a Grand Slam the first day he wore it! Caught the Permit, then Bonefish (using just a jig) and presented to a Tarpon but he didn’t go for it ??

Just wanted to thank you again for everything and for taking such good care of us. This might have been our first watch but most definitely won’t be our last!