About Us

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Hook+Gaff Watch Company was founded out of necessity.

In the field or on the water, the watches we wore felt too clunky. Aesthetically, they weren’t nice enough for a night on the town. The lighter styles we tried could not withstand the abuse of our offshore fishing trips. Outdoorsmen and gentlemen are often one and the same, but no watch was suited to our rugged yet refined lifestyle.

We took it upon ourselves to forge something strong enough for our adventures, yet designed with a classic look. Hand-assembled by expert watchmakers in the Carolinas, each Hook+Gaff watch is manufactured to be reliable in the most adverse conditions. Utilizing durable materials like scratch-resistant sapphire and lightweight titanium, we have created an adventure-proof watch that will keep you on course through all of your outdoor pursuits.

Our watches are built for the bold and the daring — those who lead the charge and chase down the horizon. We’ve proven that practical performance can look sharp. Now, we invite you to explore our range of durable, Southern-designed sport watches — and strap on a Hook+Gaff watch for your next adventure. 

Michael Sims

President, Hook + Gaff