Hook + Gaff Golf

The Golf Sport watch offers a durable build and classic look on and off the course. It also features Swiss Super-Luminova™ illumination technology, which lights the watch hands and hour markers. No additional battery is needed to charge the Super-Luminova™ — it gains power from light, both natural sunlight and artificial indoor light. This feature is ideal for those long days when you hole out in the dark on your 18th hole.

Plus, the signature left-side crown placement helps keep a golfers wrist more comfortable as they swing, and the titanium case is a poor conductor of heat and won’t get too hot on those sweltering days. The case is also corrosion- and water-resistant — which is perfect if the ball happens to land in the hazard …

This watch is prepared to take on the toughest conditions, and to look good doing it. Competitive success in golf requires confidence, patience, skill and grit. Similarly, Hook + Gaff’s task of watchmaking requires the utmost in care and precision — and this is the winner right here.

The Golf Collection is offered with a selection of straps and models for both men and women. Each dial and strap color combination has been curated by our designers.

Why Golf Watches?