Sponsorships & Affiliations

Hook+Gaff affiliates with various charitable organizations and tournaments that align with our focus on the conservation of worldwide fisheries and supporting the sporting life. Some of our sponsorships and affiliations include:
Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

In 2017 we partnered with BTT to support their initiative of conservation and sustainability of bonefish, tarpon, and permit habitat. We were commissioned to design a BTT custom edition Sportfisher for their Symposium, with a portion of proceeds from the sale of each watch going back to the organization.

Carolinas Golf Association

H+G President and founder Michael Sims is a member of the Executive Committee of the CGA, donating both time and resources to raise money for the Carolinas Golf Foundation, as well as supporting the organization's mission to grow the game of golf in the Carolinas through outreach, education, scholarships, and other initiatives.

Coastal Conservation Association

In 2018, H+G partnered with the CCA in SC, FL, TX, and LA to help in their mission to conserve our marine resources. We are commissioned to design a CCA custom edition watch to be used in various capacities by each state such as: new member gifts, silent auction items, or a product available for purchase, to help raise money for the organization.

South Carolina Golf Association

H+G President and founder Michael Sims has been playing competitive amateur golf in the state of SC for years. H+G is committed to growing the game of golf, and we have assisted the SCGA with raising money for junior golf initiatives since 2015.

The Billfish Foundation

H+G's partnership with the Billfish Foundation goes back several years. We have donated resources to help raise money for global conservation of billfish fisheries. And we are proud to announce that this year in 2018, our own talented artist Gash Clayton has been commissioned to do a limited number of prints for new members who join the organization. Prints of "Salty Blues," an original oil on canvas depicting a blue marlin hooked up, will go out to new members this year.

Operation Wetvet

We are proud to continue our relationship year after year with Ozzie Martinez, founder of non-profit organization Operation WetVet. Ozzie is a former combat marine who is on a mission here on the home front to help his fellow combat veterans suffering from PTSD. We've seen firsthand how his outreach to his fellow veterans is helping them and their families cope with PTSD and we always jump at the opportunity to assist Operation WetVet with help during offshore trips, resources for vets, and in other ways — just a fantastic organization!