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Like to keep an eye on the skies? Humans have turned to the moon for thousands of years, but tracking has never been more effective or sophisticated than it is with our New Sportfisher Moonphase watch, an update to the original Sportfisher model that we used to launch our business back in 2014.

The lunar cycle, or the time it takes to get from a new moon (when it’s not visible) to a full moon and back again, takes roughly 29.53 days. Our moon phase watch reflects what phase the moon is in as you see it in the sky.

Besides being a nod to tradition, the New Sportfisher Moonphase watch is a durable sport watch built for functional comfort. To minimize wrist irritation, the crown is placed on the left side of the case — a feature that’s unique to all Hook + Gaff watches. Additionally, this updated model utilizes H3 technology to provide 24-hour illumination of the dial's hour markers and hands — meaning that you can head out before dawn and don’t have to stop when the sun sets, allowing time for "one last cast." These trigalight® glass tubes manufactured by MB-Microtec in Switzerland create cutting edge luminosity that leads the way in our industry. Its titanium case is corrosion-resistant and water-tight to 200 meters, as well as being a poor conductor of heat — making it ideal for those brutal days in the sun and on the water.

The New Sportfisher Moonphase watch houses a custom Swiss quartz movement with moon phase and date functions. This feature is ideal for the ultimate outdoorsman observing the effects of the moon on fish and game.

Features at a glance:

  • Custom 41mm titanium screw-down case
  • Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Hour markers and hands utilize tritium tubes, 24-hour perpetual glow MB-Microtec technology
  • Water-tight to 200m/660 ft.
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Left-side crown orientation for supreme comfort in an active lifestyle

Learn more about how moon phase watches work.

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