Sportfisher Black

Designed with hardcore anglers in mind, the Sportfisher Black is built to be the ultimate sport watch during all hours of the day and night. The Sportfisher Black utilizes H3 technology to provide 24-hour illumination of the dial's hour markers and hands — meaning that you can head out before dawn and don’t have to stop adventuring when the sun sets.

The trigalight® glass tubes manufactured by mb-microtec in Switzerland create luminosity that leads the way during offshore pursuits at any time of day. As any angler knows, comfort is key. That’s why we intentionally placed the crown on the left side of the dial, minimizing wrist irritation when you’re reeling in reds or shooting ducks from a blind. The left-side crown placement is unique — in fact, we’re the only watch out there that’s taken this step to improve wrist comfort. And not only is this performance-driven watch a force that can withstand the harsh elements included on a day in the water, but its black-on-black design offers a sleek, clean look.